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Commercial Photography Vision

Photography must not forget to stay constantly alive by adapting to the needs of every client to show their company in the modern world we live in today, especially as the world moves so fast, pictures are instant language.

From the start the most important task is to accomplish the perception, the idea and the essence of what the client wants to convey in pictures. The idea and the essence of the company rather than proposing older images to represent them. It has been a creative process as a working model for me in photography. So, giving attention to every detail of the photograph in collaboration with the client to the completed pictures. 

In just a few years Jacque Photo has become a reference for upscale photography in style and design. “I`am interested in the idea of style in photography that nourishes your need with creativity that reaches your public. I have discovered that no innovation in photography can exist without a profound knowledge of traditional imagery.

This sense of limits in photography also gives me the idea and freedom to overcome it. This is a new direction in photography, personal and encompassing of the need to promote you and your company in the digital revolution we live in today. A direction in imagery of your story that is unanimous with you and is yet to be told.” -Jacque











































































































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Macro photography for Light Path technologies.


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CONVENTION PHOTOGRAPHY pictures are photo-shopped to a high level of visibility best for internet marketing and print advertising. An event is brought to the viewer with a clear image using current photo-shop techniques.