PHOTOGRAPHY TODAY    

                                        Reflections on photography in the digital revolution we live in today.

Photography Today as art and modern imagery brings you to a new place through powerful and beautiful pictures, a place you want to be. There is a strength and beauty in pictures that refreshes you and gives you hope for futures yet unexplored. Visitors to ask, how did you do that? I say with imagination, patience, creative ideas, working with models and support staff and adding stock photography. This develops memorable pictures that recall the purpose they were intended for and takes you to their source for commercial and individual needs. 

Stock photography available through websites helps to create imaginative visual pieces because of the digital revolution we live in today. There is an availability of ideas and imagery that circulates on the internet and in social media and provides us with a rich base of ideas to use. The main ingredient is imagination and the key to a new creation and fresher imagery for marketing. 

Experiences & Creation

Time and patience are important in developing modern forward images and marketing pictures. Photographers abilities and experiences with photojournalism, models, corporate portraits, magazine features, and other entities in photography provides a wealth of ideas to chose from for these pictures. 

Creative photography today includes street styled fashion images, casual to rugged looks and in thrown together styles on a models body that may not match and are often seen in high end fashion advertising. These ideas are also used in advertising that is known to be closer to more traditional looks like those of Chanel, Cartier and others. They also use those designs because that is what is happening in contemporary imagery today.

Inspirational looks

Fashion is in touch with the younger crowd and with everyday wear in street looks. People go to these ads seeking inspiration to add to their individual look they want to project to the world and like the photography in, the pictures carry you to a place you dream of and that is the purpose of fashion and creative commercial photography now. I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures on the website. Thank you. -Sincerely, Jacque Bruni

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